Citibank Credit Cards

Citibank continues to lead the nation as one of the most popular credit cards favored by consumers. The bank, originally founded in 1812, launched their credit card business during the 60s. Today, Citibank credit cards are revered for their rewards programs and low rates. They have frequent flier cards, rewards and cash back, low rates and student credit cards to enable everyone, regardless of their stage in life, to access the credit they need. As with all credit cards, those interested in obtaining Citibank credit cards will need to ensure they thoroughly read through the terms of service to make certain they getting the rewards and benefits they intend.

When comparing Citibank credit cards look for offers that feature no annual fees, however, make certain to determine if the waiver is permanent or for a limited time only. Sometimes these introductory offers are good for 12 months, 21 months or longer. Always read through the terms of service before choosing the best credit card for your particular situation and needs. One of the reasons why Citibank cards are a popular choice is that they offer many additional benefits and discounts on other purchases through their program “Extra Cash.” Extra Cash is an extension of the Citibank rewards program that provides daily deals, travel deals, gift cards, and cash dollars on eligible purchases. Holders of Citibank credit cards can join the program for free by using their member ID numbers which is found on their Citibank credit card statements.

Other features that make the Citibank card a preferred choice of credit is their $0 liability on unauthorized charges. Citibank ensures that those who use the card and can verify that unauthorized charges were made will not be responsible for paying for those fraudulent charges.

There is no doubt that Citibank offers a wide variety of choices for those choosing these credit cards. Whether you prefer Visa, American Express or MasterCard you can easily find you’re the card that meets your personal preferences. With many rewards, points and cash back systems, it’s important to take the time to compare different cards by their features to help narrow your selection. Regardless of which credit card you choose, it is imperative that you make certain you use the card responsibly. In addition to comparing features of the card, you need to take into consideration how you plan on using the card and paying off your balance.

There are two strategies to consider when it comes to paying off your credit card balance. Some choose to pay their credit card bill in full every month, while others carry their balance from month to month. Those who plan on paying their bill in full won’t need to worry too much regarding their interest rate while those who carry their balance should look for a low interest rate card. Those who plan on using their credit cards for a good majority of their purchases will want to focus on a card that offers cash back and plenty of rewards. Those who plan on using their cards only as a last resort or in times of emergencies may find that choosing a card with low interest rates is the best choice. Those concerned with the interest rate may want to choose a credit card that has a fixed rate as this ensures the rate remains the same while you have the card, unless the issuer decides to change it. Check the APR to determine your card’s interest rate. Pay your bill on time as this helps reduce the risk that your rates will increase.

When choosing the best Citibank credit cards for your needs, be sure to factor in your credit limit. It is never a good idea to max out your credit card limit or come close to the maximum as this will negatively hurt your credit score. By taking the time to perform your research and by determining which features are most important, you can select the best Citibank credit cards for your business or personal needs.