Chase Credit Cards

Chase is one of the world’s leading credit card companies, making loans both to businesses and consumers direct through its long lineup of credit card offerings. Chase is also a major US bank, which merged in the late 2000s to form JP Morgan Chase, a retail and investment banking conglomerate.

Some of Chase’s best credit cards are:
Chase Freedom – A favorite of the high credit score crowd, the Chase Freedom MasterCard is loved by its users. In particular, Chase Freedom gives consumers the ability to convert their accumulated rebates for cash in the form of a statement credit. Accumulating credit points with Chase Freedom is easy, as each quarter the company selects new categories for larger than average cashback amounts of 5%. Gas is a common category, and getting 5% cashback for gasoline is the equivalent of getting $4 a gallon gasoline for $3.80 after rebate. The card has no annual fee, and with some promotions, credit card users are paid up to $250 with a statement credit to sign up and use the card.

Chase Sapphire – Chase Sapphire is a premier credit card, one meant for high income and high credit consumers for their shopping needs. Just for signing up, credit card users get 25,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months. That works out to a whopping $250 against a round trip flight, or other rewards (magazine subscriptions, etc) available in the redemption center. Additionally, credits can be redeemed for cash back awards and statement credits. To really maximize the value of the card, consider going to the backend of the site to book travel plans through Ultimate Rewards where you’ll get 2 points for each dollar you spend. Otherwise, all other purchases earn 1 point per dollar. One of the best benefits is that there is no annual fee, and that your earned points never expire!

Mileage Plus – For the frequent flier, there may not be a single card better than the Mileage Plus card from United Airlines. The program uses a points system where 30,000 “miles” are enough to redeem for any round-trip award ticket to anywhere in the United States. One of the best ways to maximize the value on this card is to sign up and make a purchase, which provides you with an immediate 25,000 points. Should you decide to add an authorized user—your spouse, children, or whoever you’d like—you earn another 5,000 reward points. Put the two together and you’ve already earned yourself a free, round-trip flight. This card does have a $60 annual fee, which is waived for the first year. Ideally, this card is great to sign up, get a few free tickets in the first year, and then close the account. It isn’t really worth paying $60 a year for what amounts to 1% cashback, though it is great for saving big on one vacation. (Some users report that they’ve had luck convincing Chase to remove the annual fee after their first year by threatening to close their account. Your mileage may vary on this specific “tip.”)

Chase Ink – A business Chase credit card, Chase Ink is an excellent card for the entrepreneur. The card offers $150 cash back on your first purchase, up to 5% cash back on selected purchases, and a minimum reward on all other purchases. There is no spending limit, and the charge card allows you to spend as much as you may need to cover short-term expenses for your business. This is a great way to take advantage of the spending power that your business already has. Assuming a high turnover business with $25,000 in monthly expenditures, a card user could easy rack up thousands of dollars in rewards each year—and do so with money they already spend!

In general, Chase credit card offers are geared toward the higher-income, higher credit score consumer, and there will likely be few changes to that. Keeping this in mind, however, we should know that Chase is a fantastic bank, and its cards do reward their customers in the form of higher than average cash back offers for their higher than average spending habits.