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Travel Reward Credit Cards

Credit card companies offer different types of rewards in order to attract more customers. Credit card customers will receive rewards like cash back, points, and travel rewards. Among these rewards, travel reward credit cards are among the most popular type of credit cards. Travel reward credit cards are used by individuals that want to earn rewards for trips like vacations, visiting family and many other types of traveling adventures. There are a number of credit card companies that are competing with each other to corner the market on credit cards that offer travel rewards. Most of these credit cards carry the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Chase Marriot Rewards Visa card is a credit card designed for those who travel frequently. Those who travel and spend money on hotels and car rentals will use the Chase Marriot Rewards Visa card to earn points towards traveling. The American Express Blue Sky card is another travel reward credit card that offers a wide variety of benefits when traveling. This card has no fees, and customers will receive $100 for travel purchases for every 7,500 points they earn on the card. The Capital One Venture Rewards card provides miles for every dollar that is spent on the card.

The Miles Discover card offers 12,000 bonus miles for new accounts. During the first year of using the Miles Discover card, the customer will receive 1,000 miles every month that they make a purchase. There are no limits on the miles in which the card hold can earn on the Miles Discover card. Chase bank has offered new line of credit cards, one of which is the Chase Sapphire card that offers points and travel rewards. If a new customer spends $3,000 in the first three months of opening a new account, they will receive 25,000 points. 25,000 points are equivalent to $250 that can be used towards a plane ticket.

Popular airliners also offer their own travel reward credit cards like Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines offers travel reward credit cards like the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus credit card. This credit card offers $50 to the customer the first time the card is used. Points are earned towards travel expenses like flights and hotel rooms. Continental Airlines OnePass Plus card is another travel rewards credit card that is offered by a major airline company. Travel reward credit cards like the Continental Airlines OnePass Plus card offers cash back online with bonus miles that can be used for any flight.

The Citi ThankYou Premier card offers 50,000 bonus points for new customers. This travel rewards credit card offers advantages that are not found with other travel reward credit cards. For example, points are earned with this credit card every time it is used for traveling on an airline. On top of earning points for airline tickets, customers who use this credit card to buy airline tickets will earn points towards future airline tickets. Those who travel often are advised to apply for this travel rewards credit card.

Travel reward credit cards are extremely popular for those who travel often, and for those who want to earn points for vacations and other travel purposes. There are countless travel reward credit cards online that customers have to choose from. People are advised to research the rewards that credit cards have in order to determine what card they will benefit most from. Travel cards are not for everyone, like those who never travel or go on vacations. People who don’t fly will not benefit from travel reward credit cards. These cards are also often used by businesses that send their employees on business trips as well.