American Express Credit Cards

An American Express credit card is associated with wealth and prestige. As one of the oldest credit card companies worldwide, American Express ranks as one of the most popular creditors. There are multiple American Express credit cards available to choose from making it important for all consumers to perform their homework and carefully compare the benefits and advantages of each card. Before determining the best card for your needs make sure that you know your credit score. The card that you apply for should be one within your reach and you should feel confident that you can easily make your monthly payments in full and on time.

Before choosing the best American Express credit card for your financial situation, it is important to determine what your spending needs are. The way you shop, spend money on miscellaneous items and personal spending habits will play a vital role in the best credit card for your circumstances. There are several factors to take into consideration to ensure that you select the best credit card for your personal financial situation.

When choosing an American Express credit card it’s important to determine whether you need the card for personal or business needs, or if you want a prepaid, gift or corporate card. Each card has different benefits and you’ll find that the best way to select the card right for your needs is to choose a card based upon your purchasing history. If you travel extensively, stay in hotels frequently or consistently use your credit card for purchases like gas then choose a card that offers these rewards and benefits.

Look for cards that provide the best benefits to those who spend the majority of their purchases on travel, dining and entertainment, gas and groceries, miscellaneous spending, business needs and more. If you are looking for a rewards card, then ask whether you prefer cash back, air miles, hotel points, all purpose or general points, or rewards that you can customize. American Express has a number of air travel partner cards for Delta and Jet Blue which are the perfect choice for those looking for frequent flier miles.

Other cards include the flexible payment cards such as Blue Sky, Clear, TrueEarnings from Costco and American Express, Blue and Blue Cash. American Express’ premium reward cards include ZYNC, the American Express Green Card, the American Express Gold Card, the Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express and the Platinum Card. Take the time to understand the benefits of each card before making your final decision.

Before choosing the best American Express credit card for your circumstances you’ll need to decide between a business and personal card. Business credit cards are the perfect choice for small and medium sized business owners who are looking to establish a business line of credit. Those interested in using credit cards for their personal finances should go with a personal or consumer American Empress credit card.

American Express credit cards are revered for their many benefits. When choosing a new card check to see what special offers come with the card but don’t neglect to read the fine print. Though the cards have many great programs for new card holders there are often special terms and conditions involved in order to access the special deals.

Business owners will find that an American Express business credit card provides many benefits. The business gold rewards card has no preset spending limit and no interest and defers the annual fee until after the first year. It’s important to take the time to compare the different American Express cards before deciding which is best for your business goals and current situation. Sometimes the right business card can make the difference between expanding your business or maintaining your business as is.

Though it may seem a daunting task, you shouldn’t rush comparing cards and their benefits as American Express has a vast number of cards each with their own advantages. Always read the fine print to ensure that you thoroughly understand the terms, fees and interest rates associated with your card.